How to Overcome Your Weight Loss Plateau

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When you start out your weight loss journey, it’s very easy to start losing weight very quickly. But when you’ve been at it for a few months you start to notice that you’re no longer losing any weight at all.

Even although you might look and feel the best you’ve done in years, it’s still not enough. You still want to get rid of that last 5 lbs before you’re truly happy. Most people experience this so you’re not alone.

There are many reasons for this, let’s have a look at just some of them as quoted from one of the best diet website :-

You’ve started to slip back into your old ways – When you’ve been depriving yourself of those tasty treats such as pizza and nachos, it’s easy to think “oh, just one won’t hurt.” Well, it can which is why losing all of your excess weight can be such a struggle.

Sure, one little biscuit a week won’t really make any difference. But one biscuit turns into 2 and then 3and before you know it, you’re eating them every day. If this sounds familiar then it’s time to step back and remind yourself of what you’re trying to achieve.

Your meals are getting bigger – When you start dieting one of the first things you’ll probably do is reduce your meal portions. So instead of eating a whole pizza you’re only having half a pizza and a small salad. But then you start to get fed up of feeling hungry all the time so you start increasing your meal sizes so slowly you hardly even notice.

Snacks are becoming more frequent – there’s nothing wrong with an in-between meal snack. The problem is that instead of snacking on fruit and veg, you’re probably snacking on crisps and chocolate. Perhaps it’s even become a problem because you’re meal sizes have been smaller so you’re snacking more to get rid of your hunger.

Another interesting point is that slimmer people actually burn fewer calories. Think about it, you’re carrying less weight about with you so you’re body isn’t having to work as hard. So to combat this you might want to wear ankle weights which will make you burn off more calories.

You’re “naughty” at the weekend – you might think the weekend is a time to “let your hair down” so you open a bottle of wine, eat a takeaway curry or have a chocolate cake for pudding. The problem is that this can make it more difficult for you to lose weight and also, these bad habits can start to creep into the working week too.

You’ve lost your motivation – in the beginning your all fired up and raring to go. You can see in your mind’s eye you’re new more attractive body. But then as time goes on you simply get fed up and can’t be bothered being so strict with yourself.

So try and find a way of re-motivating yourself. For instance, if you’ve not been doing any exercising, you could start going to the gym. Or perhaps you could get a friend to lose weight with you.

You need to start exercising if you haven’t already. Try a combination of cardio workouts and also weight lifting. By lifting weights you’ll build up the muscles in your body which in turn will help you burn up more calories. Did you realize that muscles burn up more calories that fat – even if you are just resting?!

Try to look for additional ways of losing weight other than diet and exercise. There are some of the best diet pills 2017 on the market such as phen375 or PhenQ which will help you block a lot of the fat you eat. Alternatively there’s Capsiplex which can help you burn off more calories then ever before.

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Intense yet Safe Workout Method to Lose Weight

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There are indeed many types and methods that people can go through in order to lose weight. Some of them might be suitable and healthy for their body. Meanwhile, there are also some of them who will be able to cause harm for their body. Whatever it is, you should only stick to the method that should not cause any disruption for your physical condition. Remember, healthy weight loss will need time to show result.

But if you are ready to commit to an intense workout method while also managing to pay attention to your general health, you can try these steps for you.

The first one is to set one hour of your time to do workout every day. Unless you work 24 hours every week day, this should not be a very difficult thing to do actually. You can choose to do this either in the morning or in the evening. The more important thing is that you should not skip a day to do the regime. says that, With one hour available for you, you can do 30 minutes of cardio at the start of the session. The advantage of doing this is that your body will respond nicely to the warming up caused by the movement. Also, your heart and other internal organs will thank you for the movement because of the better blood flows in your body.

Then, you can continue with resistance training by lifting some weight. If you can’t visit fitness center, you can set up a small workout center in your house. Just some weight should be enough for this without having to spend too much money.

The benefit of both workout will be able to show result in a few month. Cardio will help you burn the fat in your body, while weight training should help you build the muscle and tone your body a little bit.

Best Sources of Foods for High Protein Diet

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Most people are not doing diet merely to lose the weight on their body. There are also a lot of people who are doing diet to get a better form of their body or to bulk up their muscle. Usually, the one who want to bulk up will choose to get the high protein diet because protein will help them a lot in building the muscle. This brief articles will show you some of the best food source you should eat if you are planning to bulk up.

The Best and Healthier Food Source to Build Your Muscle

Any kind of meat is indeed the very best choices for this one. Most meats are built with high volume of protein in them. But the thing about meat is that not every one of them will be healthy for your body. While consuming them will be able to contribute positively on you bulking up, they also have a high cholesterol in them. Therefore, if you choose to use meat to gain muscle, make sure that you are just eating it considerably to balance the condition of your body.

If you don’t like to eat mean, which is somehow good, you can opt to up your consumption of eggs every day. Eggs are generally healthier than meat, while also managing to still have high volume of protein in them. If you are still worried about the existence of cholesterol in your eggs, you can also choose to only eat the whites for your dietary plan.

Various selection of dairy products should also be good in helping you gaining the muscle that you have dreamed of. Milk, cheese and yogurt will also give you a lot of health benefits if consumed regularly. But just like the other high protein food, you have to choose the one with low fat and low cholesterol products amongst them.

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Video How You can Burn Body Fat Quickly

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here's a video from the fat loss expert how you can lose body fat quickly.

10 Good Foods that Can Help to Burn Body Fat Faster

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If you are currently running a diet program, one of the things that can determine your success is how you organize food nutrition. Well in this article, you can find some food that is able to burn body fat.

1. Herbs and spices.

They are black pepper and turmeric. Both of these herbs known to help increase the body's metabolism so that fat can be burned easier.

2. Orange.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and it is most needed by our body to lose weight. In addition, oranges also contain a lot of fiber with low calories which is great for your digestive system.

3. Tomato.

The tomato is a fruit that is very beneficial for weight loss because they contain vitamin C. To increase your energy, you are advised to consume raw or stewed tomatoes.

4. Beans.

Beans contain a variety of essential nutrients for the body, such as fiber, protein, vitamin B6 and folate. You can add the beans into your daily diet menu because it is able also to burn body fat.

5. Pumpkin.

There are many vitamins in pumpkin such as Vitamin A, C, E, fiber and potassium. This fruit is perfect for burning fat in the body.

6. Grapes

This fruit can suppress your appetite and is also low in calories so it could assist in rapid weight loss.

7. Popcorn

Popcorn is rich in fiber too, protein to vitamin B.

8. Yoghurt.

Yogurt serves to satisfy hunger so that you will feel full longer, and controlling weight in a natural way. Yogurt can be consumed in any way, But ensure to not add salt or sugar to it.

10. Green tea.

Green tea contains catechins, phytonutrients and antioxidants that can increase the body's metabolism level which helps in burning fat and weight loss.